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Pensé pour vous aider à découvrir et déployer vos ailes...

Designed to help you reveal and spread your wings...


Pensé pour vous aider à découvrir et déployer vos ailes...

Designed to help you reveal and spread your wings...

1 Lot de posters offert pour l'achat d'un livre + un vêtement

1 Set of posters offered for the purchase of a book + an item of clothing

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The associates

AnaïsFounder, author and associate

I started practicing Aerial Hoop in 2013 at the same time that I started practicing Pole Dance and Chair Dance by accident. It was love at first sight for the suspended circle! After some years I studied to become an Aerial Hoop instructor and a Pilates (for aerial disciplines) instructor. I received this training from the one and only Sophie Granjon.
My knowledge of Pilates enables me to complete my training in aerial sports. Indeed, Pilates focuses on your deep muscles and helps you gain the right posture, placements and force required in aerial sports, gently and smoothly.
I have been teaching Aerial Hoop (all levels) in Lyon since 2016. I strengthened my skills through many workshops and was lucky to be selected for the show Time which took place in Liège at the end of 2018.
I have spent all my childhood in the water but I have discovered at last my true element: AIR! Transmitting my passion and seeing my students’ progress transcend me!

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DenCo-author and associate

Ever since the first classes I took back in 2013 I was addicted to this sport! I got on the hoop and never really got off! This clever mixture between whole body workout, dance and artistic expression amazed me back in 2013 and still amazes me to this day. I also love the fact that you can have fun and perform beautiful combos since the first classes, which is quite rare and surprising! Another surprising thing is the multitude of muscles, which you didn’t know the existence of, that might be sore after a session! :-) But this is the promise of access to new tricks and new combos, in short new victory!
By the means of this project I wish to help making aerial hoop a more accessible sport, share my passion and see this discipline develop even further!

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Our fairy godmother

Sophie Granjon

In love with Circus Arts for 30 years, I’m passionate about Movement and Creativity.
I have been teaching Aerial dance since more than 15 years and during the past 8 years I had the opportunity to give more than 300 intensive trainings to prepare the future Aerial Hoop instructors.
An experience of practice and teaching that I would like to share through classes, trainings and online workshops.

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Our models


Originating from the West Indies, Vic Valkeria discovered Pole Dance while attending a class in Saint Martin back in 2012, and then discovered Aerial Hoop in a studio in Lyon. It was a revelation: numerous classes and workshops with the biggest names in these disciplines immediately followed. From student to becoming an instructor, there was just a step and it was only natural. Instructor for several years now, she continues to develop her passion for all kinds of aerial dance.
She participated in Pole Art France in 2018 as a semi-pro candidate, in the art category.

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Passionate about aerial sports, Cynthia got started in the aerial field 6 years ago. After 2 years of taking classes, she felt that this was not sufficient anymore.
First, she started off by a training to become a Pole Dance instructor with the beautiful and talented Sophie Granjon, as well as pilates training, flexibility training and injury prevention training.

One day, during a workshop, Cynthia had the opportunity to test out Aerial Hoop and it was love at first sight. Two months later she started a new training, only this time it was Aerial Hoop training. After teaching for 4 years, Cynthia is still as passionate, as in the beginning, and has different projects in mind. To her the most important thing is to pass on one's teachings and advice all while taking everyone's body into account.

"Control one's movements and take care of one's body", this is her credo.

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I discovered Aerial Hoop in 2014 after a year of practicing Pole Dance.
I particularly loved the fact that, while being a beginner, one can evolve quickly and perform beautiful tricks.
Currently I can't practice as often as I used to, but I am always delighted to participate in workshops every once in a while and I follow my friends' progress with great pleasure.

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